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All RM25/Pc - Ready Stock

颜色 (Color) :黑色 (Black)
(Material):棉 (Cotton)
(Size) :均 (Free Size)
(Bust) 80-104 CM
(Shoulder) 36-46 CM
(Sleeve) 12 CM
(Waist) 80-106 CM
(Length) 79 CM

0486 HanPin belt vest skirt dress (black)
颜色 (Color) :黑色 (Black)
(Material):棉 (Cotton)
(Size) :均 (Free Size)
(Length)Skirt length: 81cm 
(Shoulder)  width: 34cm bust
(Bust) : unlimited 
(Waist): 92cm

1980 满身蝴蝶印花单肩洋装
颜色 (Color) :Dark Blue
(Material):棉 (Cotton)
(Size) :均 (Free Size)
(Length)Skirt length: 70 cm 
(Bust) : 70-90cm

8097 cotton dress waist bow (brown)

Material: CVC fleece sanding
Size: Free Size flexibility: good
Bust: 88CM
Length: 80CM
Waist: 84CM

66102 素面斜下 (Bottom)罩衫+配色条口袋洋装两件套
(Color): 黑色 (Black)
(Material):棉 (Cotton)
(Size):均 (Free Size)
背心 :
(Bust) :82-100 CM
(Length) :77 CM
罩衫 :
(Bust) :112-134 CM
(Shoulder with Sleeve) :24 CM
(Length) :77 CM

66116 版修身配色T
(Color) :黑色 (Black)
(Material):棉 (Cotton)
(Size):均 (Free Size)
(Bust) :82-118 CM
(Shoulder) :34-50 CM
(Sleeve) :56 CM
(Length):72 CM

H8819 高雅醉人-附編織腰帶洋裝
(Color):黑色 (Black)
(Material):棉 (Cotton)
(Size):均 (Free Size)
(Bust) :84-102 CM
(Shoulder) :37 CM
(Length) :83 CM


1 BOX = RM288 (30 SACHETS)

Apple stem cell - Original swiss product
About SWISSCORR Apple Stem Cell
SWISSCORR Stem Cell extracted from the rare Swiss Uttwiler Spatlauber apple has been hailed as the most exciting breakthrough in the treatment of ageing and damaged skin. After many years of research, Swiss company Mibelle Bochemistry launched it in 2008 under the name PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica.
SWISSCORR Apple Stem Cell works by stimulating a person’s own skin stem cells, effectively activating and restoring the skin’s ability to regenerate and protect itself from within. As the number of skin stem cells depleted with age, wrinkles and general loss of youthful condition occurs. Test has proven that Uttwiler Spatlauber has reduced wrinkles by 15% in 4-week trial. It also guards skin from UV radiation and the ability to delay ageing of hair follicles – an exciting Possibility of treating hair loss problem.
The Uttwiler Spatlauber is already creating headlines around the world, with First Lady Michelle Obama, actor Helen Mirren and Jennifer Lopez already using it.
SWISSCORR Apple Stem Cell Benefits
  • Enhance Cell renewal and rejuvenation

  • Increase stamina and energy Level
  • Improving your alertness and mental performance
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increase elasticity in the arteries, veins and capillaries
  • Boost the immune system
  • Increase your metabolic rate
  • Reduce excessive fat
  • Assist in the removal of toxins
  • Enhance protein formation
  • Combats choronolgical aging (Anti aging)
  • Maximum firming and moisturising of the skin
  • Greatly improves the skin texture and resilience
  • Helps to lighten the skin
  • A visible increase in radiance and glow to the skin
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and assist patients with heart disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, diabetes, etc
  • Benefits patients with Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis
  •  PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica (Swiss Apple Stem Cell)
A science team at Mibelle Biochemistry proved that with just a concentration level of 0.1 % of the PhytoCellTec could inspire an abundance of human stem sells by an astonishing 80%! ‘ The Fountain of Youth’ that many would trade their souls for, it is the secret formula of the rich and famous in staying active and healthy. Vogue magazine recently reported First Lady, Michelle Obama used products with apple stem cells to diminish her wrinkles and rejuvenate her skin.

  • Rousselot Hydrolysed Low Molecular Weight Collagen 
The Rousselot Hydrolysed Collagen is responsible for the maintenance of healthy connective tissues, which includes tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Most people will loose as much as 30% of their collagen fibers by the time they reach the age of 40 causing deep wrinkles and sagging skin. The Rousselot Hydrolysed Collagen helps to preserve and increase the collagen fibers in the skin thus making the skin more firm and young.  
  • Salmon Placenta
Salmon placenta is source of good fat (omega-3 fatty acids) which help to reduce cholesterol, maintain flexibility of arteries and veins and strengthen cardiac muscles, the essential amino acids repair damages to the cardio-vascular tissues. Salmon is also rich in some of the very essential minerals like iron, calcium, selenium and phosphorus and vitamins like A, B and D. Selenium, which is very necessary for building up of tissues, hair, nails etc., is best obtained from animal proteins and among which, salmon placenta is one of the best. 
  • Vitamin C
Vitamin C / L-ascorbic acid is an essential nutrient for humans , in which it functions as a vitamin. In living organisms, ascorbate is an anti-oxidant, since it protects the body against oxidative stress. It is also a cofactor in at least eight enzymatic reactions, including several collagen synthesis reactions that cause the most severe symptoms of scurvy when they are dysfunctional. These reactions are especially important in wound-healing and in preventing bleeding from capillaries. 
  • Vitamin E
Vitamin E is actually a family of fat-soluble vitamins that are active throughout the body. Vitamin E helps to protect skin from ultraviolet light, prevent cell damage from free radicals ,allow cells to communicate effectively and help protect against prostate cancer and Alzheimer's disease. 
  • Mixture of 6 Natural Berries
In conclusion, this undeniably perfect combination of natures’ best will feed and rejuvenate your cells whilst providing all the essential goodness that your body needs. You will feel enegised , healthier and happier! Amazingly you will also look younger and addorable!    




Best-selling skincare product in Japan for 7 years! 1 bottle is sold every 20 seconds! The remarkable result is a affirmation that "Cure Works"

A gentle, non-abrasive water-based exfoliating gel made of 90% activated hydrogen water and plant extracts of aloe vera, gingko and rosemary. Contains no fragrance, no alcohol, no artificial preservatives or colouring. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

It removes dead skin cells gently and effectively to help in skin renewal for softer, smoother and brighter skin. Unlike chemical peels which use strong acid . A basic skincare must-have to prevent skin problems such as enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples, blemishes and dull skin tone. It does not dry or thin your skin which causes your skin to be vulnerable to sunlight

With the use of CURE Natural Aqua Jel, it stimulates skin renewal growth. It acts like a gentle facial scrub or exfoliator. You will feel that your face is smoother and rejuvenated after each usage.

With the use of CURE Natural Aqua Jel, it stimulates skin renewal growth. It acts like a gentle facial scrub or exfoliator. You will feel that your face is smoother and rejuvenated after each usage. Discover how your face brightens up and how your make-up glides on beautifully after using CURE.

Method of use:

Use on dry face. Massage face very GENTLY in a circular motion. Do not use too much force as it may cause redness. Great for removing dead skin cells on the neck, armpit, elbow, back and knee too. Safe to use on alternate days or when necessary.

PRICE: RM148 (Free Registred post within WM)

Close Order : Reach minimum 20 bottles.

Victoria Secret Collection

Beauty Rush
Minty Lip Shine
Just the right dose of shine, with refreshing peppermint oil to freshen your breath.
Flavour/color: Bubbleminty

Beauty Rush
Lip & Cheek Tint

1) i pink i can
2) Just peachy
3) Mon Cherry
Price : Rm59.90

Hydrating Body Lotion Gift Set
• Amber Romance, 1.7 oz.
• Love Spell®, 1.7 oz.
• Pure Seduction, 1.7 oz.
• Berry Kiss, 1.7 oz.
• Sweet Daydream, 1.7 oz.

Fossil Watch

New in Box..!! FOSSIL Glitz Crystal White ES2195
Price : RM359 (Incl shipping)
SALES - RM345 (Incl Shipping)
  • Gorgeous..!! :) so so sweett :)
  • 3-hand quartz movement
  • Shiny silver round case with clear crystals adorning the bezel
  • White enamel dial with white Mother-of-Pearl half-circle adorning the dial
  • White croco leather adjustable strap
  • The watch case is 40mm diameter
  • Lug opening is 17mm in diameter
  • Water resistant to 5 ATM
  • Watch includes Fossil's warranty
  • Watch comes complete in collectible Fossil watch tin :)

All RM25/Pc - Ready Stock

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Dealing Method:Poslaju: West Malaysia First 500g RM7 Next 500g plus RM3 East Malaysia :
First 500g RM9Next 500g plus RM5

Code:8833 Price:RM45
Material: Cotton Measurement: Chest:60-90cm; Length: 118cm Colour: Green, Rose Pink
Code:707 Price:RM35 Material:Lace Measurement: Chest:80cm; Length:70cm

Code : 8816 Price : RM45 Material: Gauze Measurement: Chest:70-90cm; Length:130cm

CODE: K000 53
Material: Cotton
Colour: left  Peach Red, Black
Measurement:Length 57cmBust 80cm-90cmcmShoulder 36cm
Price: RM27

CODE: 785
Material: Cotton
Colour: left Plum / Black
Measurement:Chest:86cm; Length:50cmColour
Price: RM30

Material: Cotton
Measurement: Chest:80-100cm; Shoulder:36cm; Sleeve:57cm; Length:59cm
Colour: left White

Measurement: Chest:72cm; Length:93cm
Colour:White, Green

K000 38
Material: Cotton
Measurement:Length 66cm
Retail Price: RM45

Measurement: Chest:58-120cm; Length:123cm
Colour:White, Black

Measurement: Chest:70-90cm; Length:118cm
Colour:Yellow, Green

Measurement: Chest:70-90cm; Length:130cm
Colour:Green, Yellow

Material: Cotton
Measurement: Chest:70-90cm; Length:82cm
Colour: Beige (Last Pc)

ViVi Magazine Shoes

*Price: Rm70 - (SALES - RM60)
*Size : 36,37,38,39 (Suitable for broad feet) ** LEFT SIZE 38 AVAILABLE**
*Color : Beach Color

*bandage tidal wave of France Part Detachable two kinds of wear sandals
*Price: RM55 (SALES - RM50)
*Size: 36,37,38,39 ** LEFT SIZE 39 AVAILABLE**
*Colours: Black
*Heels: 6-8cm

Coach Satin Amanda Foldover Flap Purse #12926

*Leather Hangtag
*Leather Zipper Pull
*9" Handle Drop
*Beaded Detachable Handle
*Brass Hardware
*approximately 10" (L) X 6" (H)
*Coin Compartment on the back
*Decorative Brass Turn Lock Details
*Retails : $298 + Tax
PRICE : RM430.00 - (SALES - RM400)

Victoria Secret Undies

*Silky-soft and stretchy
* Pretty picot trim
*Full back coverage
*Sits just below waist
*Imported cotton/Lycra® spandex; 100% cotton interior panty panel
*Size : M (Sold) /L
*Color : Blue Floral Scroll (M) / Pink Floral Scroll (L)
*PRICE: RM39.90/PC
Get your panties in a bunch, with cute, colorful pairs to wear under there. Low rise. Contrast trim. Solids have dog appliqué. Imported cotton/spandex.
*Size: S (Sold) /L
*Color: Take a Chill Pill (S)/ Cool Night Rider (L)